CSR Policy

Actum Group CSR Policy

Actum Group operates in a responsible and ethical manner.

  • We aim to set the highest standards, act independently and with integrity, by delivering high quality in everything we do, for all our stakeholders: our subscribers, colleagues, suppliers, shareholders and our community at large.
  • We pride in conducting business with decency, opposing bribery and corruption. Actum Group follows strict guidelines governing the acceptance of gifts and the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest.
  • While Actum Group’s activities have a relatively modest direct environmental impact, we recognise the global society’s collective challenge. We therefore have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We aim at respecting environmental standards and complying with relevant local laws.
  • We create and ensure a comfortable, fair environment at work where each individual is valued and rewarded fairly. Collaboration, empowerment and talent development are key to company’s growth.
  • Ensuring respect, diversity, trust, equality of opportunity, and fair and equal treatment amongst all colleagues is central to Actum Group’s culture.
  • Actum Group is opposed to modern slavery in our business and supply chain.
  • We encourage our colleagues to participate in charitable and community activities and encourage them to take time off for this purpose.
  • Actum Group aims at communicating regularly on the company’s progress, activities and financial performance. Promoting openness and are paramount to us.

The above policy is not exhaustive and we plan on reviewing our practices constantly. We will continue to re-visit, refine and add to the list as and when required.